Help 7th Epsom Tanzania Scouts build a classroom

Projects 2015

This summer, four Scout leaders from 7th Epsom went to Tanzania on a pre-trip to find a project for the 2015 team of Explorers and Leaders to complete next August. We visited many schools, health centres and orphanages during the two weeks that we were there. Most of the locations we went to could have been potential places for us to work, but we knew that we had to make a decision about where our help was most needed.

On the second to last day we found the perfect thing for us to do at Udzungwa Primary School. When we arrived, hundreds of children swarmed around us to see who was visiting their school. The head teacher greeted us and showed us around. There were just under 1600 pupils, but only 11 classrooms! Most of the classrooms had about 100 children in them. We could also see at least 3 classes being taught outside under trees. The school had already built the walls for a new classroom and office, but had run out of funds to buy a roof and plaster the walls. One of our projects will be to finish that building. We then plan to build another whole classroom for them. Depending on how much we can fundraise, we might even be able to build more! The school only has one toilet block so we hope to be able to build another for them.

There was another school we visited called Mang’ula, which had recently built two classrooms, but needs the woodwork replaced as the termites have eaten it. We will do this and the new wood we put in will be treated so that it can’t be eaten again! We will also plaster and paint the walls to protect them.

The team are very excited about the plans for next year and are busy teambuilding and fundraising. Please contact Zoe here if you would like more details.

We have just been sent a couple of photos of the completed foundations for us to build the classrooms in 2015! We can’t wait to get there now!

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