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Bricklaying with the Tanzania team

The last camp!

Only 37 sleeps to go and we are off  to Tanzania.
So this weekend we brushed up on our bricklaying skills and attempted to build a temporary shower.
On Saturday we spent the day fundraising in the Ashley Centre, encouraging shoppers to buy our lucky envelopes – everyone was a winner! – and bag packing in M&S. The people of Epsom were amazingly generous and we raised an fantastic amount of money to add to our already phenomenal sum. This team is genuinely amazing!!
Sunday’s most important task was deciding on which was best: custard cream or bourbon sandwich spread. Bourbon definitely won but neither lived up completely to their name!

Bird Box 2

AprilCamp1 crop

‘The scouts were out of this world!’

This was a quote from the Reigate and Banstead Countryside Ranger that we worked during our last team building camp.

As part of the camp we wanted the scouts (and leaders) to experience some hard work, whilst also helping out others. In order to achieve this we organised to work with a couple of Countryside Rangers to clear and area of Rhododendron ponticum in Banstead Woods; an invasive plant in our semi natural ancient woodlands which shades out understorey native flora, reducing the overall biodiversity of these precious habitats.

The scouts worked extremely hard and didn’t let up in their efforts, enthusiasm or humour for a minute and we cut, shifted and burnt a huge area in the 4 hours that we were there.

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Stoneleigh Broadway Fun Day

June team building saw the group minibuses get their annual wash before we headed over to the Stoneleigh Broadway Fun Day where we helped out by providing first aid cover and traffic management.
The first aider was the first casualty when a rose bush attacked them from nowhere!
The team took the opportunity to do some fundraising and we had a stall with a chocolate tombola, which went so well it sold out!

Bear meets the team and wishes us all good luck

Meeting Bear

May 12 was our next team building day.
The day began with singing the national anthems for both countries (the Tanzania one is in Swahili!) then we headed over to the district football competition where some of the team demonstrated their skills on the pitch.
A rare opportunity to meet Bear Grylls, Chief Scout, who flew in by helicopter was enjoyed by all (including some parents).
At the event the team all learnt to tie the Turks Head knot and create scout woggles.
When we got back to the scout hut we got the team to look at the scout promise and law and really think about what it meant to them and how it would influence their trip.
A yummy dinner of pizza finished off a great day.