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Last few hours!

We can’t believe the trip is nearly over, time has gone so quickly. It has been a fantastic trip with lots of hard work, enjoyment and experiences. Bags are packed and the bus is coming to collect us in a few hours to go to the airport. Thanks for following us, our official report back is on Friday 11th September, 7:45 at Epsom Methodist Church. Everybody is welcome!
(Hundreds more photos will be uploaded when back home)

Peaceful evening!

Our last day of project work is finished, we are visiting the school tomorrow morning to say goodbye, then heading off for our safari.
This evening is very peaceful, hornbills flying overhead, monkeys playing in the trees, the sound of crickets and no Explorers! All the young people are spending the night with a Tanzanian family. I’m sure that they will have lots of stories to share in the morning!